Plumber in Jupiter Farms

Plumber in Jupiter Farms is near you in Jupiter Farms, Florida?  Water Heating Experts WHE is owned and operated by a Master Plumber Certified in the State of Florida (CFC1426133). 

We specialize in Water Heaters and we know the unique plumbing issues in Jupiter Farms. Most homes in Jupiter Farms are on well water which causes issues with water heaters. 

Frequently the heated water from the water heaters produces a rotten egg smell. This is caused by anaerobic bacteria that reacts with the anode rod in the water heater. Some plumbers just remove the anode rod and that solves the smelly water issues. However, this will nullify your warranty and the water heater will fail much quicker. 

Our solution is to take out the anode rod and replace it with an electronic anode rod. These electronic anode rods prevent and stops corrosion inside the hot water tanks. The anode has a very high level of efficiency and adapts to all new tanks as well as those already installed.

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AO Smith Water Heater with Electronic anode rod.
Plumber in Jupiter Farms replaced AO Smith water heater under warranty and added an electronic anode rod.