Teco Water Heater Rebates Form and Information

Teco Water Heater Rebates Forms & Information

Please Use This Link to apply for your rebate. Do not send in the form by mail. Use only for your own documentation.

Teco/PeoplesGas is offering rebates for natural gas water heaters. The rebates range from $350 to $675 depending on your current water heater and the replacement that you choose.

The rebate criteria is below from Teco Peoples Gas

1. You must replace your old water heater with new energy-efficient natural gas  water heater.
2. Complete and submit the Rebate Form
File name : teco-water-heater-rebate-form-peoples-gas.pdf

(See Below) along with copies of your sales invoice and receipts for the purchase and installation of the water heater.
Update: This can be completed online at Teco/Peoples Gas
3. Be and existing Teco/Peoples Gas customer or be in the process of becoming a Peoples Gas Customer or a landlord with rental propery

Non Eligible Water Heaters

  1. Used Appliances
  2. Equipment that is more than 1 year old from purchase
  3. Propane Conversions
  4. Point of Use Water Heaters (Minimum 5 Gallons per minute for rebate)

Peoples Gas will only pay a maximum of two rebates for the same type of appliance.

To Apply for the Rebate Follow These Steps

  1. Print the Energy Conservation Form PDF – See Below
  2. Fill Out the Form with your information and the Plumbing Contractor’s Information.
  3. Include a copy of the dated invoice and reciepts
  4. Mail or Email the Form To Peoples Gas

EC Coordinator TECO Peoples Gas
702 N. Franklin St. Plaza 6
Tampa, FL 33602
Email: resreabates@peoplesgas.com

Note: You have up to one year from the date of the appliance install to submit your rebate form.

Rebate Amounts

Natural Gas
Replace Electric
with Natural Gas
Replace Natural Gas
with Natural Gas
Replace Oil
with Natural Gas
Tank Water Heating $500 $350 $0
High Efficiency Tank Water Heating2 $550 $400 $0
Tankless Water Heating3 $675 $550 $0
Central Heating or Wall Furnace4 $725 $500 Up to $330
Cooking5 $200 $100 $0
Clothes Drying $150 $100 $0
Space Heating6 $65 $0 Up to $330
Teco Water Heater Rebates
Teco Water Heater Rebates

Water Heating Experts is a certified Plumbing Contractor owned by a Master Plumber, Eric Strand. We specialize in installing water heaters both gas and electric.

Call us today for a free quote or text a photo of your current installation to

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fair and honest price.

80 Gallon Electric Water Heater Options

80 Gallon Electric Water Heater Options

80 gallon electric hot water heater is common in larger homes in Palm Beach County. When these water heaters fail, you will find that finding a replacement 80 gallon water heater is almost impossible.

The reason for that is the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 2015. Water heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015, must meet the new energy requirements. This law applies to electric and gas hot water heaters. The gas hot water heaters are still available because the makers could make changes to the tanks that brought them into compliance. The 60, 80. and 100 gallon tanks are not efficient enough to meet the new energy requirements.

So what do you do if you have a large tank like a 60, 80 or 100 gallon electric hot water heater? If downsizing the amount of hot water available in your home is not an option then there are several ways to get the same amount of hot water and some that could save you money on your monthly electric bill.

Below I will list several options that you may be presented with by plumbers who are quoting your water heater replacement.

1. Hybrid Hot Water Heater

This is not a hybrid in the auto sense meaning part gas part electric. This is the hybrid between a heat pump and a traditional electric water heater tank. A heat pump uses the heat in the room to heat the water and it is boosted by a traditional water heater tank with a heating element. This is the most efficient option and it is perfect for South Florida. Your electrical costs will be as low as $100 per year operating the tank year round.

2. 50 Gallon Tank with a Tankless Booster

This option has a standard 50 gallon electric tank that is boosted up to 80 gallons with a small tankless water heater. This option is less expensive initially than the hybrid but it will cost more per year to run depending on your usage.

3. 50 Gallon Tank with a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

This option is perhaps the least expensive initially. We install a standard tank and then turn up the thermostat to high. The hot water is too hot for home use, but it is tempered by the mixing valve that allows only the right temperature water to your showers and faucets. This may increase your monthly bill because you are running the heater at a higher temperature.

4. Light Commercial 80 Gallon Tank

Many plumbers are installing a light commercial 80 gallon tank. This is very similar to your 80 gallon tank that is being replaced. This is kind of a loophole in the law. The drawbacks are that the tank is more expensive than residential tanks, the warranty is only for 1 year, and the installation goes against the spirit of the energy conservation law.

5. Tankless Electric

This option is generally not used to replace and 80 gallon tank because of the amount of hot water needed in the home. If you are doing a complete remodel, then this may be an option and you could use multiple tankless heaters for each bathroom or area. If that is the case or if the home is new construction then this may be an option for you.

In conclusion there is a new law as of 2015 and it does do away with residential 60, 75, and 80 gallon hot water heaters that are electric. There are many options, though, and some can save you greatly on your electric utility bill.

Call us today to replace that old 80 Gallon Water Heater.

Water Heating Experts 561-602-9062

Water Heater Installation West Palm Beach, Florida

Water Heater Installation West Palm Beach, Florida

Water Heating Experts installs, repairs and services water heaters in the West Palm Beach area and all of Palm Beach County. We are licensed master plumbers that specialize in water heater installation.

We pride ourselves on a clean, professional job using only the best brands and materials for your water heater. From tankless, tank style to hybrid/heat-pump hot water heaters. We are current with the latest technology and we just love installing hot water heaters.

Our pricing is lower than the larger companies that offer all plumbing services, AC and electric. Water heating is a unique installation. By specializing we can offer a better installation at a lower cost. You will not get a pushy sales person that only knows sales and costs you more because of his paycheck.

We can give you a quote by phone, text or email. We just need the gallons of your hot water heater, the dimensions, and the dimensions of the room or doorway. A photo is also very helpful. Call Eric Strand, the owner, for a free quote today.









Hybrid Water Heater Versus Tankless

Hybrid Hot Water Heater Versus Tankless

Tankless hot water heaters have been the choice of energy conscious consumers over the past 15 years. The new trend is hybrid hot water heaters that combine tankless technology with a tank. Which is better? I’m vote Hybrid/Heat pump style hot water heaters, especially in warm humid climates. Update: FPL weighs in on the issue and the Heat Pump Hybrid wins with them as well, read more here.

The tankless hot hot water heater is only on when there is a demand for hot water. This saves money over the traditional tank style heater. The old tank style can lose energy from heat loss because the hot water is stored. The disadvantage is that many tankless heaters may need to be installed near the point of use. If a whole house tankless is used, then you have issues with having to run the water to drain the water in the line before you get to the hot water. You can install a recirculating pump to eliminate this lag. However that requires and electric pump and possibly a tank. The tank is what we were trying to avoid with this installation. Another disadvantage is flow rate, many tankless hot water heaters have low flow rates and the tankless heaters with high flow rates that can handle a whole house tend to be very expensive.

The hybrid heat pump hot water heater use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse.

Heat pump water heaters require installation in locations that remain in the 40º–90ºF (4.4º–32.2ºC) range year-round and provide at least 1,000 cubic feet (28.3 cubic meters) of air space around the water heater. Cool exhaust air can be exhausted to the room or outdoors. Install them in a space with excess heat, such as a laundry room or a garage. The heat pump also dehumidifies the space where it is installed.

The energy costs of a hybrid hot water heater are slightly lower or equal to the tankless style heaters.

If you live in a warm climate, the clear winner is the Hybrid Hot Water Heater (Heat Pump), if you live in a colder climate the tankless would be a great option.

Hybrid Hot Water Heater
1. Low Energy Costs – 80 Gallon Hybrid Est. Costs $151 vs. Traditional $555+ Yearly
2. Cools Your Garage or other installation space, while the Heater is running.
3. Dehumidifies the installation space
4. Has a large tank that can easily fill large roman tubs
5. Wifi Connected
6. Vacation Modes
7. Leak Alerts

Call us 561-869-4497 if you are in Palm Beach, Martin, or St. Lucie County in Florida, and we will be happy to consult with you on your hot water heating needs.

Waiting too long for hot water? A recirculating pump can solve that problem

Waiting too long for hot water? A recirculating pump can solve that problem

Many large homes have the hot water heater located far away from the master bathroom. This causes you to wait for hot water since the lukewarm water in the lines must be drained out.

The solution to this is a recirculating pump. That used to require a line that was attached to the furthest fixture from the hot water heater. However, now there is a solution that allows a pump to be installed on the water heater and a small non-electric valve under the furthest sink.

Also, you can set the pump timer so that you are not wasting electricity when it is not needed.

Call us 561-602-9062

today and we can get you instant hot water to your master bathroom and kitchen.

From $352 Installed

GE GeoSpring Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Installed

GE GeoSpring Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Installed

We replaced an older 80-gallon electric hot water heater with a GE GeoSpring Hybrid hot water heater. Our customer purchased the water heater at Lowes and he bought their extended warranty.

GE is no longer producing the GeoSpring. However, there are still a few left at Lowes and they are discounting them.

For future installations, we can install the A.O. Smith Hybrid hot water heater and our pricing is comparable to the GE GeoSpring.

Hybrid hot water heaters are highly recommended for those looking for energy efficiency. You can save up to $400 per year on your electric bill and have plenty of hot water available.

Call or Text Me a photo of your current installation and we can get you a quote within minutes. 561-602-9062

Water Heater Installation in Wellington, Florida – Licensed Plumber

Water Heater Installation in Wellington, Florida

Water Heating Experts is owned by a master plumber who specializes in water heater installation. We have water heater installation down to a science. We aim to install your hot water heater at a fair price and to do a clean professional job. We are trained in the latest technology for water heaters.

We offer traditional tank-style hot water heaters, tankless and our favorite, hybrid (heat pump) hot water heaters. Tankless and hybrid water heaters can save you hundreds per year on your utility bills.

We also can match Home Depot®’s or Lowes® Prices but with the professional grade hot water heater. The large water heater manufacturers make a different unit for the big box stores. Many times they use plastic components instead of brass. We install the professional grade at the big box price. We will also match or beat the installation prices from the big box stores.

Call us or text me 561-602-9062 a photo of your current water heater and your email address and I will send you a quote to replace or upgrade your water heater.

Electric 50 Gallon Hot Water Heater Installed in Garage