A.O. Smith iCOMM™ to connect your water heater to your smart phone

A.O. Smith iCOMM™ to connect your water heater to your smart phone

he iCOMM™ platform utilizes the latest technology in commercial water heating to easily connect all your iCOMM enabled water heaters to the A. O. Smith mobile app. iCOMM connectivity now comes standard with all Cyclone® BTH models—improving your level of service at no additional cost.

Through constant remote monitoring, the iCOMM platform provides you with detailed diagnostic fault notifications and fault histories for each of your water heaters. It also lets you control the set point and differential of your water heaters straight from your app.

By minimizing downtime for repairs and reducing lost revenue caused by service interruptions, the iCOMM platform will have you running your business with total control and peace of mind.


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Teco Water Heater Rebates Form and Information

Teco Water Heater Rebates Forms & Information

Please Use This Link to apply for your rebate. Do not send in the form by mail. Use only for your own documentation.

Teco/PeoplesGas is offering rebates for natural gas water heaters. The rebates range from $350 to $675 depending on your current water heater and the replacement that you choose.

The rebate criteria is below from Teco Peoples Gas

1. You must replace your old water heater with new energy-efficient natural gas  water heater.
2. Complete and submit the Rebate Form
File name : teco-water-heater-rebate-form-peoples-gas.pdf

(See Below) along with copies of your sales invoice and receipts for the purchase and installation of the water heater.
Update: This can be completed online at Teco/Peoples Gas
3. Be and existing Teco/Peoples Gas customer or be in the process of becoming a Peoples Gas Customer or a landlord with rental propery

Non Eligible Water Heaters

  1. Used Appliances
  2. Equipment that is more than 1 year old from purchase
  3. Propane Conversions
  4. Point of Use Water Heaters (Minimum 5 Gallons per minute for rebate)

Peoples Gas will only pay a maximum of two rebates for the same type of appliance.

To Apply for the Rebate Follow These Steps

  1. Print the Energy Conservation Form PDF – See Below
  2. Fill Out the Form with your information and the Plumbing Contractor’s Information.
  3. Include a copy of the dated invoice and reciepts
  4. Mail or Email the Form To Peoples Gas

EC Coordinator TECO Peoples Gas
702 N. Franklin St. Plaza 6
Tampa, FL 33602
Email: resreabates@peoplesgas.com

Note: You have up to one year from the date of the appliance install to submit your rebate form.

Rebate Amounts

Natural Gas
Replace Electric
with Natural Gas
Replace Natural Gas
with Natural Gas
Replace Oil
with Natural Gas
Tank Water Heating $500 $350 $0
High Efficiency Tank Water Heating2 $550 $400 $0
Tankless Water Heating3 $675 $550 $0
Central Heating or Wall Furnace4 $725 $500 Up to $330
Cooking5 $200 $100 $0
Clothes Drying $150 $100 $0
Space Heating6 $65 $0 Up to $330
Teco Water Heater Rebates
Teco Water Heater Rebates

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