Electric Water Heater Installation

water heater installed in garage

Electric Water Heater Installation a How to Guide. Eric the Plumber from Water Heating Experts WHE has a step by step guide of how we install electric hot water heaters in a garage. You can use this guide if you are skilled at do it your self projects. Also, if you want a professional to install your water heater this is the process that we take to install your water heater.

How to Install an Electric Water Heater In A Garage Step by Step.

  1. Locate the Electric Panel and Find The Breaker for the Water Heater.

    Find the Electric Panel and turn of the breaker for the water heater. Note: The marking may be wrong, so always check to make sure the power is off with a tester or multi-meter.electric panel in garage

  2. Remove The Electrical Connection from The Water Heater

    Take the cover off the electrical connections and remove the wiring. Secure the wire away from your work area and cover the bare ends of the wiring.

  3. Hook a hose to the drain at the bottom of the Water Heater.

    You can use a pump if you have one or let it drain the slow way. Note: you will need to open up the T&P valve or a hot side faucet in the home to break the airlock. Tip Leave the main valve on at full pressure for a few minutes to push out any sediment blocks. Then turn off the main water to the home and let the water heater drain with gravity or with your pump.draining old water heater with a pump and hose

  4. Cut the piping that attaches the Water Heater to the House Plumbing.

    Cut the copper piping or disconnect the flexible connections to the water heater. Do not cut too close to the wall because it will be hard to solder on a new ball valve for your new water heater.mini copper cutters cutting water heater pipes

  5. Remove the Water Heater

    Remove the old water heater. It will be much lighter now that it is drained. However, it still can require 2 people to load it into a truck. Clean the area around the water heater and prepare the piping that comes out of the wall for new plumbing valves and piping.

  6. Solder on New Ball Valve Shut-Offs

    Clean the piping that comes out of the wall with sand cloth and then use flux on both the valves, fittings and pipe. All connection areas should be cleaned with a wire brush or sand cloth and coated with a thin layer of flux.plumbing water heater shut off valves

  7. Attach copper risers to the new water heater

    Solder on some female adapters and one male adapter for the T&P valve. Then attach those pipes to the water heater’s threaded connections. Be sure to use plumber’s tape and some pipe dope. Also, do solder the pipes and let them cool down before attaching to the water heater.

  8. Make Your Final Plumbing Connections to the Pipes from the wall to the pipes on the water heater.

    Solder the pipes that are on the water heater to the pipes that extend from the wall. 

  9. Turn on the main water and leave a hot side faucet open

    Now that your final connections are made, you can turn on the water to the home and keep one hot side faucet open. Usually a laundry faucet or a large roman tub. Note: smaller faucets may get clogged because of the sediment left over.water to home shut off ball valve

  10. Wire the new water heater

    Make your final Wire Connections with new wire nuts to the wire that you took off from the old water heater. Note, make sure everything is in good condition and that the breaker is the correct size for the water heating elements.

  11. Turn the breaker back on and Your New Water Heater Should be Working

    Turn on the breaker, test that you have power to the unit and you now have a new water heater installed the correct way.
    water heater installed in garage

Plumber in Jupiter Farms

Plumber in Jupiter Farms is near you in Jupiter Farms, Florida?  Water Heating Experts WHE is owned and operated by a Master Plumber Certified in the State of Florida (CFC1426133). 

We specialize in Water Heaters and we know the unique plumbing issues in Jupiter Farms. Most homes in Jupiter Farms are on well water which causes issues with water heaters. 

Frequently the heated water from the water heaters produces a rotten egg smell. This is caused by anaerobic bacteria that reacts with the anode rod in the water heater. Some plumbers just remove the anode rod and that solves the smelly water issues. However, this will nullify your warranty and the water heater will fail much quicker. 

Our solution is to take out the anode rod and replace it with an electronic anode rod. These electronic anode rods prevent and stops corrosion inside the hot water tanks. The anode has a very high level of efficiency and adapts to all new tanks as well as those already installed.

Check our reviews from customers in Jupiter Farms and all of Palm Beach County.

AO Smith Water Heater with Electronic anode rod.
Plumber in Jupiter Farms replaced AO Smith water heater under warranty and added an electronic anode rod.

Water Heater Smells? Do you have Smelly water from water heater in Palm Beach County? This why and our solution to fix the problem.

Water heater smells like rotten eggs or worse? In areas with sulfides in the water, like many well systems in Palm Beach County. (Jupiter Farms, The Acreage, Palm Beach Country Estates, and Loxahatchee), there is a reaction with magnesium anodes which creates hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas smells like rotten eggs or worse. 
A powered anode rod can solve this issue. Electricity is used along with a titanium clad electrode to protect the steel in your water heater. No chemicals are added to the water and this will stop the smelly water created by the chemical reaction. This powered anode rod will also extend the life of your water heater tank.

Solutions for Smelly Water – A Powered Anode Rod

A.O. Smith iCOMM™ to connect your water heater to your smart phone

A.O. Smith iCOMM™ to connect your water heater to your smart phone

he iCOMM™ platform utilizes the latest technology in commercial water heating to easily connect all your iCOMM enabled water heaters to the A. O. Smith mobile app. iCOMM connectivity now comes standard with all Cyclone® BTH models—improving your level of service at no additional cost.

Through constant remote monitoring, the iCOMM platform provides you with detailed diagnostic fault notifications and fault histories for each of your water heaters. It also lets you control the set point and differential of your water heaters straight from your app.

By minimizing downtime for repairs and reducing lost revenue caused by service interruptions, the iCOMM platform will have you running your business with total control and peace of mind.


Download the app now.




Water Heating Experts carries the full line of A.O. Smith water heaters and we are skilled in the latest technologies. Call the licensed plumbers at Water Heating Experts LLC at 561-602-9062

Teco Water Heater Rebates Form and Information

Teco Water Heater Rebates Forms & Information

Please Use This Link to apply for your rebate. Do not send in the form by mail. Use only for your own documentation.

Teco/PeoplesGas is offering rebates for natural gas water heaters. The rebates range from $350 to $675 depending on your current water heater and the replacement that you choose.

The rebate criteria is below from Teco Peoples Gas

1. You must replace your old water heater with new energy-efficient natural gas  water heater.
2. Complete and submit the Rebate Form
File name : teco-water-heater-rebate-form-peoples-gas.pdf

(See Below) along with copies of your sales invoice and receipts for the purchase and installation of the water heater.
Update: This can be completed online at Teco/Peoples Gas
3. Be and existing Teco/Peoples Gas customer or be in the process of becoming a Peoples Gas Customer or a landlord with rental propery

Non Eligible Water Heaters

  1. Used Appliances
  2. Equipment that is more than 1 year old from purchase
  3. Propane Conversions
  4. Point of Use Water Heaters (Minimum 5 Gallons per minute for rebate)

Peoples Gas will only pay a maximum of two rebates for the same type of appliance.

To Apply for the Rebate Follow These Steps

  1. Print the Energy Conservation Form PDF – See Below
  2. Fill Out the Form with your information and the Plumbing Contractor’s Information.
  3. Include a copy of the dated invoice and reciepts
  4. Mail or Email the Form To Peoples Gas

EC Coordinator TECO Peoples Gas
702 N. Franklin St. Plaza 6
Tampa, FL 33602
Email: resreabates@peoplesgas.com

Note: You have up to one year from the date of the appliance install to submit your rebate form.

Rebate Amounts

Natural Gas
Replace Electric
with Natural Gas
Replace Natural Gas
with Natural Gas
Replace Oil
with Natural Gas
Tank Water Heating $500 $350 $0
High Efficiency Tank Water Heating2 $550 $400 $0
Tankless Water Heating3 $675 $550 $0
Central Heating or Wall Furnace4 $725 $500 Up to $330
Cooking5 $200 $100 $0
Clothes Drying $150 $100 $0
Space Heating6 $65 $0 Up to $330
Teco Water Heater Rebates
Teco Water Heater Rebates

Water Heating Experts is a certified Plumbing Contractor owned by a Master Plumber, Eric Strand. We specialize in installing water heaters both gas and electric.

Call us today for a free quote or text a photo of your current installation to

561-602-9062 and I will email you a quote. No pushy salesmen just our

fair and honest price.

American Water Heater Dealer

American Water Heater Dealer

American Water Heater Dealer – Water Heating Experts LLC in Palm Beach County, Florida

Water Heating Experts LLC is an authorized dealer for American Water Heaters. We install and service all American Water Heaters including tankless, hybrid/heat-pump, electric tank, gas tank, and LP propane tank water heaters.

We are the top rated water heater installation company in Palm Beach County. We maintain 5 star ratings on Google, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack.

Call us today for a new American Water Heaters brand water heater at 561-602-9062


Water Heater Installation West Palm Beach, Florida

Water Heater Installation West Palm Beach, Florida

Water Heating Experts installs, repairs and services water heaters in the West Palm Beach area and all of Palm Beach County. We are licensed master plumbers that specialize in water heater installation.

We pride ourselves on a clean, professional job using only the best brands and materials for your water heater. From tankless, tank style to hybrid/heat-pump hot water heaters. We are current with the latest technology and we just love installing hot water heaters.

Our pricing is lower than the larger companies that offer all plumbing services, AC and electric. Water heating is a unique installation. By specializing we can offer a better installation at a lower cost. You will not get a pushy sales person that only knows sales and costs you more because of his paycheck.

We can give you a quote by phone, text or email. We just need the gallons of your hot water heater, the dimensions, and the dimensions of the room or doorway. A photo is also very helpful. Call Eric Strand, the owner, for a free quote today.









Authorized A.O. Smith Dealer

ao smith authorized dealer

Authorized A.O. Smith Dealer and Installer – Water Heating Experts WHE

A.O. Smith has been a leader in water heating technology for years. A. O. Smith Water Products Company is headquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee, home of the world’s largest water heater factory.

Water Heating Experts is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer for A.O. Smith water heating products. Water Heating Experts WHE is one of the top installers in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are a licensed plumbing contractor in the state of Florida. We are featured prominently on A.O. Smith’s website HotWater.com

With over 25 years experience in plumbing high-end homes. We decided to focus exclusively on installation of hot water heaters.

Water heating technology continues to improve and we continue to learn and maintain our expert status by installing and working with A.O. Smith. From hybrid/heat pump hot water heaters, tankless, tank style, power vented water heaters. We are experienced in installations in multi-million dollar homes, condos, and commercial applications.

Call us today for an A.O. Smith water heater at 561-602-9062

Our Reviews

Authorized A.O. Smith Dealer
Electric Water Heater Installed by an Authorized A.O. Smith Dealer

Authorized Rheem Dealer in Palm Beach County, Florida – Water Heating Experts

Authorized Rheem Dealer in Palm Beach County, Florida – Water Heating Experts

Water Heating Experts is a licensed and insured plumbing company in the state of Florida. We are an authorized Rheem Dealer for Rheem Water Heaters.

Water Heating Experts LLC is owned by Eric Strand, who is a master plumber. Eric decided to focus solely on water heater installation and service. This focus allows us to professionally install your hot water heater quickly, cleanly and up to or above current building code requirements.

We install many Rheem hot water heaters and we install the Rheem professional models. These models are superior to the big box home store models. The home store models may use cheaper materials and plastic components.

Call us today at 561-602-9062 or text us a photo of your current hot water heater (the installation, and the label on the heater) and we will be happy to quote your water heater replacement over the phone. No pushy sales people, just an honest price, and a professional job.

Working Water Heater But Still Not Enough Hot Water, We Have Solution.

GPM Turn On: 0.3 GPM Max Volume: 8 GPM @ 60psi Max Outlet Temp: 140°F Max Operating Pressure: 150 psiMany water heaters are working fine but they are undersized for the home usage. There is an innovative solution from Eemax that combines a small tankless hot water heater to your current hot water heater.

This booster can turn a 50-gallon water heater into the equivalent of an 80-gallon tank. The Eemax AutoBooster adds up to 45% capacity to water heater tanks. The Autobooster can be added to your electric hot water heater without any other wiring. The tank does work with gas hot water heaters, but you will need some additional wiring for the tankless booster.

Call Water Heating Experts in Palm Beach County if you need to boost your current hot water heater or if you need a new hot water heater. We are licensed plumbers who specialize in hot water heaters.

Call Eric at 561-602-9062

For more information on the Eemax Autobooster read below and there is a short video explanation.

Features of the Eemax AutoBooster

Vacation Mode: Works with electric tanks to shut down the tank when away on vacation
Eco Mode: Works with electric tanks to conserve energy by turning the tank on an off on a set schedule
Activation Temperature: Set inlet temperature at which the AutoBooster™ activates
Freeze Protect: Works with electric tanks to automatically power on the tank if the AutoBooster™ inlet thermistor senses that the tank outlet has dropped below 60°F
Max Temperature: Set the maximum temperature that the AutoBooster™ will heat up to
Low lead certified to ANSI/NSF 372 by WQA
ETL listed to UL 499/CSA

Power: 7.2kW
Volts: 240 VAC
Phase: Single
Amperage: 30
Required Wire: 10 Gauge Copper Wire
Required Breaker: 1 x 30 Double Pole

Performance Specification
GPM Turn On: 0.3 GPM
Max Volume: 8 GPM @ 60psi
Max Outlet Temp: 140°F
Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi